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Sunday, March 29, 2009 // 0 comment(s)

i don really have much to say. im bored laa.

i slept at 2 last night. I KNOW. SO EARLY RIGHT? but i've been loving early sleeps recently. its nice. and woke up at 11. I WAS SO HAPPY. normally i will wake up at 8.30. its so annoying lor. i was happy when i woke at only 11. ate lunch. which is supposed to be breakfast. read storybook.

after lunch, put my music playlist to shuffle and im all set to do homework. i put on my earphones and did Accounts. on sunday. blahhh. people are supposed to rest on Sundays. not me. anyways, Accounts was quite fun lah. not bad. i like it. =) finished it and came online. gonna go nap after finishing this episode of BOF. awesome Kim Bum lah.

*Gaeul was staring at him. Fascinated by his attentiveness when he was doing pottery*
Yi Jeong: Am i that cool? *smiles*
Gaeul: *shocked* uhh.

HAHAHA. KIM BUM IS SO CUTE AT ALL TIMES. and ohMYhyunjoong. forever that kind and sweet eventhough he's sad. SIGHHHHH.

gonna get Dad's iPhone later i think. =)they RARELY wear their school uniform. i think only once. tskk.
Sherlock Holmes style collection. =)


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