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HELLO. its been so freaking long.

EDITED. THE GUY FROM JUMPER IS SO CUTE LAHH. UMM. WHATS HIS NAME? HAYDEN CHRISTENSEN! so cool with all the scars and stuff. but i think this movie is very long ago. i just accidentally found it. =)

we had marching on Monday and Tuesday. which was a super failure. double failure. it was so bad im gonna cry. its even worse than our Nightingale's cheer. my god. and halfway thru our Sukan tara on Tuesday, it rained. after 1 hour. darn. and so Form 4s only long jumped and short parted. we continued our Sukantara on thursday, i think. Form 4s and Form 5s were supposed to run. other forms ran already i think. AND THE FIELD WAS FREAKING WET. so ridonculous. it wasnt just wet. it was practically flooded with mud puddles everywhere. AND I SHALL OFFICIALLY ANNOUNCE MY HATRED TOWARDS VICTORIANS IN CHARGE OF OUR SUKANTARA AND NOT LEAVING OUT THE STUPID TEACHERS AS WELL. they shud have some brains and for god's sake, THINK! how were we supposed to run in water? so that stupid male biatch said 2 tracks werent wet. BUT IT WAS. gahh. no brain shit and no arse. but still i ran my best because i was so freaking mad. i was glaring at him UNTIL he looked away.

we had marching on Thursday as well. i was watching the Victorians having their sukantara. annoying shit. those N'gale who were in charged were freaking strict because all of them were darn pissed at Victorians AND their even stupider teachers. THAT particular biatch were shouting and screaming AND shouting. so annoying. RIDONCULOUS. and that male biatch was complaining ONE track was wet and no one shud run on it. IT WAS ONLY WET, OURS WAS FLOODED. he's vain and stupid. they quarrelled non stop and they were attacking our poor N'gale teacher. NOW N'GALES AND CROSBY-IANS OFFICIALLY LOATHE CAVELLERS AND VICTORIANS. i was so pissed and i AM still pissed.

then had Thinking's Day on Friday which was lame shit. we were half under the sun. lemme tell you. we formed a circle. held a candle. sang a song. held a candle. sang a song. end. WHAT KiND OF LAME IDIOTIC CEREMONY IS THIS? and this year's theme was donating to patients having aids. quote Ru Jing: THEY HAVE SEX. THEY HAVE THE PLEASURE BUT WE HAVE TO PAY FOR THE PLEASURE THEY ALREADY ENJOYED? true right? ugh. whatever. and i was even more pissed after that. it was raining. i asked a so-not-cool biatch to lend me the umbrella, kindly. but she was its mine. and TURNED AWAY. i kept swearing until my fren asked me to calm down UNTIL i just sweared and muttered it under my breath. okay. my mum asked me not to swear in my blog. geez. i shud really chill. BREATHE BREATHE.

today was Jing's advanced Birthday Party. HAPPY ADVANCED BIRTHDAY, JENNIFER ANG. oh her Christian name is Jennifer. =) we even managed to convince teachers her name is Jennifer. interesting shit. HAHAHA. i didnt manage to get her a present yet though. parents went KL. sigh. so. we watched Wild Child which explains where i get my interesting english from. haha. then ate WHOLE TRUCKLOAD OF FOOD. im in love with the chocolate dipped strawberry. AWESOME SHIT. and the fries which i ate with chopsticks. wheepee. =] after stuffing food, food and MORE FOOD, we went outside and watched Another Cinderella Story. it was interesting but so Cinderella-ishh. LOL. then ate cake. GAHH. KENYANG SANGAT. and ate ice cream before that. im officially thousand pounds. *clap clap* then went outside her house for awhile until i went home. Jean fetched me to and fro. THANK YOU, JEAN. i have some pictures and videos but phone no battery lah. lol.

oh and SANDRA LEND ME HER IPOD TOUCH. ITS BRILLIANTE[stole this from Wild Child]. =) And i hate the hole on my Chemistry tuition bench. pfft. tomorro got Theory again. SIGH.

i think im gonna stop here. nothing much to say actually. and im so in love with sad stupid songs. hmmm. OH OH. we are MERENTAS-ING DESA ON MONDAY. =]


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