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Sunday, February 22, 2009 // 0 comment(s)


gonna keep this short(like Mabelyn. haha. im mean, i know). i wanna go search thru my dvds and watch movie because i've finally found my long lost and forgotten inner self who's addicted to movies. =) gah. sucha long sentence. im gonna eat 2 packets of Maggie Mee while watching. briliante, no? say, ME THINK SO TOO.

i had my theory lesson just now. gah. redunkulous shit. she's gonna come so frequently. im so SAD. long long sighhhh.

i watched Nights In Rodanthe just now. omo. its so so so sad. they were like together for only 1 week and the guy died right before he can come home and meet her. OMI. sigh. actually i read the book long time ago. its Sandra's book. everyone shud read this AND watch this. awesome shit. =)

even when
the sky falls,
i will
never let
you die. =)

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