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WOOHOOOO! WHEEEEPEEEEE! went to school at 9.50. because, my dad was darn nervous. hmmm. i thought IM supposed to be more nervous? lol. anyway, i WAS. and i was practically hyperventilating. yep. uber true. couldnt breathe. then my mum went and found out that we're supposed to go upstairs already. YOU know how i felt that time. so scaryyyy. everyone's face was like, pale. lol. then suddenly we[sandra and me] saw Ms Chee, our class teacher waving happily at us. weird. then she shook my hand and congratulated me. I WAS LIKE, SHOCKED. then she said i got STRAIGHT As. its a freakin relief to hear that. gawshh. Sandra got straight too. wheeee. most ppl i know got straight. good thing. then i went jj with Kai. we watched Bedtime Stories. very hilarious. those kiddies ARE SO CUTE, i tell you. hahahaha. we were darn relieved and happy but its still abit unbelievable. seriously. then we just shopped around. we ate so much. in just 6 hours, we ate at about 5 places. shiiit. hahaha. after our movie Sandra joined us. =) Kai and me bought a same shirt each. coz we don wanna go tuition wearing our school shirts. plus, mine was kinda dirty. AND IM STILL VERY HAPPY WITH THE FACT THAT I DON HAVE TO SAY I GOT ONLY 7As. I CAN PROUDLY SAY THAT I GOT STRAIGHT As. AINT THAT NICE? after all the hardwork this whole damned year. not forgetting, thank you, MY GODS.
yeah. i bought this shirt.
aunt gave me 80bucks. which means 10 bucks for each A. im not gonna tell you how much my dad PLANNED to gimme. it'll scare the freak outta you. it did scare me.
aint that just, beautiful? =)
she's trying to und my Add Maths. lawl.
gosh. straight after that damned Sejarah tuition, us whole family went out and ate at Koh Samui. again. but the food were as delicious as usual. (: hahahaha. i ate so much. IM GONNA BE 70 KG. godddddd. we went straight to tuition from jj. without any books or pens. LAWL. just ourselves. and a chocolate for him. but he still has no idea who gave him that. though he suspected it was us. IT WAS. lol. we could had walked to tuition. but it was raining SO heavily. yeahh. so. we were sooo sleepy. and STEPHEN! YOU DYED YOUR HAIR. tskkk.
now im sooo sleepy. gosh. Kai went to sleep like umm.. 2 hours ago.HAHAHAHA. and this post is so colorful and happy. wheeee.
my mood is too good now. i scared i cannot sleep. lol. NIGHTS PEOPLE. love.

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