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this thing says: Technical students reunion dinner. arrow.
there's this whole row of food and at the end there. there's 2 more extra tables of salads and desserts.
the sitting place outside the eating place. we were just sitting there. was TOO bored. tsk.
lols. we were gonna sleep there. with our legs up.
our room. 2nd from the left: my mum. there's many more ppl one the right. GOD.
my sis. =] with JAY CHOU'S CD.
reunion dinner. half of the ppl went outside the sitting place to join KL's dad. this is only half the ppl. or rather quarter.
our Equatorial hotel's room. =D

im back from Penang. again. lol. don wonder why i keep going to Penang. :D

it was so freaking tiring to come home. then sleep. and go. again. and come home. again. goodness. and mind you, it wasn't as comfy as you think to sleep in even a 7-sitters car. dammit. and i cant toss and turn when i couldnt sleep comfy-ly. whatnonsense.

anyways, a guy named Koon Hee followed us. goodness. my mum's schoolmates all have weird names. seriously weird. something Meng. then something Weng. then Ih Bu. or at least it sounds like that. then Hak Him. then Boo Kee. i think all my frens have nice namessss. =] im so happy i have MY name. hahahahaha.
okay. this guy named Siew Meng[ HE'S KL'S DAD! WOOHOO. (: ]wanted my mum and some guy named umm, Kok Weng to go together. so yeah. we stayed at some crappy hotel named Orchid Copthorne which apparently is 4 star. HAHAHAHA. not possible. the bed sheets smelled like shoes. ewwww. gross. and its weird. but i like it. coz it has mirrors EVERYWHERE. and we blamed the mirrors coz it forced us to look into it. like, so many times. =) its just plain weird.

so we went and met up with my mum's fren. and went for late lunch. we didnt had any lunch. so yeahhh. had Fish and Chips. and Banana Split. *grins* its at restaurant at 7th floor of the hotel. ooh. btw, this weird hotel's lobby is the 8th floor. so the restaurant is one floor below. AND it doesnt have a 1st floor. and the lift, there's the floors' numbers. it kinda missed out floor 9. goodness. its weirdness freaked me. lols.

then went back our room. ANDAND. i planned to sleep. i was so exhausted. BUT. that was my plan before ONE BY ONE or GANG BY GANG my mum's school mates barged in. tskkk. it was so crammed in that pathetic small hole. yet. somehow everyone had the idea to meet up here before they meet up seriously at night at the dinner. lol. when ppl began to call up kl's dad, this was the situation.
lots of ppl were already in our room. i was reading. sis was doodling.
*KL's dad's phone rings*
him: *chinese* oh oh. yes. where are you? oh. we're all in AH HU[my mum]'s room. come now laa. hurry up. *laughs happily* oh. room number is 1403. hurry up."
me and sis look at each other with wide eyes. in unison" HUH?" horror struck us.
my mum's lady fren looked at us and laughed. she said:" *in chinese* alot of ppl huh?"and laughs.
LOL. there's really alot of ppl. mostly guys laaa. so we cant stand it. and just went downstairs for a walk. went to the souvenir shop and bought mirrors and some kinda tags. =)
at night. we changed and went downstairs for the reunion dinner. and its considered as a function. LOL. i was still stuffed. so didnt take much. just took a spoon of fried rice. and some chicken lasagna. i like the lasagna. oishii. didnt went and had any 2nd servings too. still stuffed. and KL WAS THERE. i kinda pretended i didnt see him. im mean. yes i know. but well. AWKWARD! he was eating AND eating AND eating non stop. lol. we were like, gawking when he stood up and took SOMEMORE food. he seriously ate alot, i've noticed. hahaha.
" *in chinese* nah. you sit here laa. i don want to sit loh."
"huh? then what you wanna do?"
"i want to go stand already."
"*in chinese* sighs. life, its not all about materials. *blahblahblah*"
"where you wanna go now?"
when the adults began talking, the young ppl all began escaping. we went toilet then walked around. i saw KL everywhere. i just didnt dare to talk to him. lol. he was with his sis after all. we took those random pictures out of boredom. didnt managed to snap a stolen shot of him though. sighssss.
after a VERY long time sitting at the sitting place, we decided to go back to our room. tsk. boring like crap.
and. kl was sooooo good looking. (:
woke up. had breakfast. ate 2 croissants. =] delicious. KL was there too. and as usual, he ate alot. goodness. amazing. AHAHAAH. and those pool ppl and kids were disgusting. ewwwww. so we escaped back to our room. and began packing.
THEN. we went Queensbay! woohoo. bought shirt and jeans shorts in Padini. there's sales in Padini. sis bought a shirt. mum bought earrings and an anklet. then went to Jeans Studio and bought a long sleeves shirt. its nice. my sis bought one too. then my dad called up and asked us not to buy anymore. LOL. so we just went Kopitiam. again. and have a late brunch. or early lunch. then went straight home.
KL's dad brought them to batu Ferringhi and balik Pulau. then only heading to Queensbay when we left.
SIGHSSSSS. sadd. my mum was like, "Siew Meng's son is so smart, clever, handsome, good in sports*blahblahblah*" the whole time. HAHAHAHAH.
so yea. im home now. finally. im trying to finish Hana Yori Dango now. so ciaoz.

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