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KL GOT FREAKING 2ND. ughughugh. all because of a guy named lo kah weng. however he spells his name. stupig. and younger brother lost in the last 8. tskkkk. nonsense. and this lo kah weng fella's name seriously sound very familiar. i just have no idea who is him. *thinking hard* brother said its not sissy guy. so WHO THE HELL IS THIS FELLA? forget it. and i wonder why brother never ever asks who the freak i am. i know everything that happens in the ping pong world. and everything that happens at Chung Ling. but he never asks why i know bout those happenings. its very weird. lawl.

anyway, i woke up late. didnt had any breakfast. as usual. sis was online. so i had to watch the tele. i was so bored, i just rewatched My Girl. coz i freaking love it. its forever that awesome!!! seriously, its very nice. Lee Dong Wook rocks. he's so hot laaa. and damn leng zai. sighs. im so in love with him. (: and the storyline is very interesting. lol. i cant believe there's still ppl who hasnt watched it yet. i watched it for like, 4 times ady. =] i still love it as much as the first time i watched it. HAHAHAAHAH. NAH. HERE HE IS. =]


HIM HIM HIM! *points at him and grins*

LOL. HOT EH? umm. then the guitar lesson was brought forward. i cant stretch my stupid unflexible fingers. =(

continue watching My Girl. *grinsgrinsgrins**stop grinning, you fool!*

went Koh Samui for dinner. i ate ALOT. its like once in a lifetime i have my appetite to eat. HAHAAH. the food was awesome shit. (:

and im starting Hana Yori Dango Final. another awesome show. =D

i still cant believe KL didnt win. damn lo kah weng. TSKK.

i hate you for pretending not to know. i really do.

"there's not enough trees to hold the soil?"

"err. yea."

"what that means?"

"oh. for god's sake. quit it."

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