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looks like that wasn't the last post huh?

im blogging like, a few posts everyday BECAUSE there isn't much to do. im not complaining that i don needa do any house chores like everyone needs to. just BECAUSE.

went to East Ocean for dinner. THE FISH DISH IS DARN AWESOME. seriously. i loved it. the other 3 dishes, no comment. one is vege which i think i'd like to skip.the other one is pig's hand , for god's sake. full of fat! that particular pig must be real fat. seriously. im so grossed out. normally i see those pig fat, i'll be like, ewww. when i see them eating it just now, its like, GROSSSSSSS. and another one its Taufu. obviously needa skip that dish. so i was eating fish and rice. lawl.

ANYWAY, they exchanged 48 damn thousand with a phone. HOW FAIR

oh. and i wanna watch Hana Kimi since Oguri Shun is acting as the main lead. and oh. he's so much hotter than Wu Chun lah, puhlease. yes, he is so much hotter. wayyy hotter. and cooler. Wu Chun looks like shit. no offense if any of you is his die hard fan. im just so anti him now. =) im watching this coz Seng Hoo reminded me bout it. im supposed to watch it like, so long ago. LOL.

HAPPY NEW YEAR PEOPLE.[ new year is red right? or is that only applicable to chinese new year? oh damn. i don care lah. lol. ]

SORRY. IM JUST VERY EXCITED BOUT CHINESE NEW YEAR. and the shopping. wootss. toodles. LAST POST OF THE YEAR! *grins* its a cow year next year. =)

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