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lol. i guess i conveniently forgot to tell you whats the title of the movie Jay Chou is gonna be in.

here. its True Legend. in chinese: Su Qi Er. which means Beggar Su. yes. very lawl.

anyway, MERRY CHRISTMAS! =) lotsa ppl were complaining there's no christmas mood. haha. and i don celebrate christmas. Pro: no needa go for stupig christmas shopping. Con: no presents for me as well. SIGH.

and whats up with the so-many-colours? dang. i've never liked colours. and i always prefer wearing black or white. because, if i wear colourfully, i'll feel odd and bright and out of place and that everyone can see me. not to mention clearly. i totally cant stand it. call me weird.


okay. why did i put everything in italic. nevermind.

and i have this urge to change my layout. BUT. i love mine now. sighs.]

and ANGRUJING is forcing me to have a new year party or gathering party. like, wtf. ya think im loaded. pffttt.

and i want NEW YEAR!! cant wait to buy new things. and i think this is why my mum says im crazily loving shopping. =(

and my teacher just passed me Miss No Good. don think i'll have any time to watch that now.

mum's been nagging. coz she said i always wake up this late. 12. late? =(

oh. and lol. i miss the form one year. where everyone calls me Michelle,coz i have a Michelle keychain on my bag.[ i don use that name. my aunt just named me that. ] where ppl keeps wanting to know me but i just ignored them all coz i really don like talking to ppl i dunno.[ yeah. you'll wonder where i got my frens now. ][ i guess i do talk to ppl i don know now.] where teachers are nice. where we get to occupy the canteen all to ourselves. where we quarrelled when we were discussing which team will win the World Cup. where everyone have someone they'd like as their fosters. where i discovered some secrets of my frens. where i knew Anna Loi[ she's my first fren and dang, i was so frustrated coz she didnt know any BM and she kept asking me "what did she just said?" ] where i knew Joevy, Bianca and Jing. and yeah. the rest of the class. where i became orang tengah [JOEVY LIM! YOU OWE ME. lawls.] where we took part in the modern dance and dramas and singings. where we won everything till teachers want us to lose something. [wth ] where we changed back to our old places when teachers changed our seats. [haha] where we cried while singing Graduation coz we'll be in different classes. where we took lotsa pictures together. where i thought Mabel hated me but SHE thought i hated her. [how complicated. haha.] where Bianca was so happy-go-lucky and hyperactive and PERVERTED. [i still remember that balloon picture. tsk.] where we had to be under the sun before going into Trinity Hall or our classes. where we were once the floating class since we were to be in some classroom downstairs for 2 periods before returning to our OWN class. where we had some kinda disco-party going on and when teachers came in, we pretended it was to practise our singing. where we danced till we drop. without the teachers knowing. [not like they cared anyway.] where the rest went to hornbill to gamble but i innocently didnt. [shhhh. hah.] where we kept changing monitors coz the ones chosen will quit after awhile. where Judy Marie wrote me songs and drew me awesome pictures. where we will go crazy together. where we had our year-end class party but the MCD went to KL thinking we're MGS in KL so we ended up bringing home our food. [ohh. how stupid of MCD.] where we finally walked out of the school on the last day we were Form Ones.

WELL. I REALLY MISS THE FORM ONE LIFE. the form 2 life sucks. good thing Jing sat with me. i just hate some of my classmates in Form 2. and Form 3 was okay. i guess. except for some of the teachers. its sinful to talk bad about teachers. ESPECIALLY ON CHRISTMAS. lawl.

so. thats all. see ya, blogggg. im sorry for the longggggg post. its christmas afterall. lawls.

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