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didnt get to Uno last night. due to some very coincidental coincidence. lawl.

he was drunk and he said muakz. did he say that because he was drunk? or what?

woke up at 12. again. sighs. no hope for me to wake up a lil bit earlier. but alot of ppl are waking up at 3PM. =( mum and aunt made Laksa. so we've been eating Laksa for these 2 or 3 days. YUMMM. i LOVE LOVE LOVE Laksa. the awesomest food ever. lol. so everytime i eat, i'll make sure im bloated BEFORE i stop. kay. i think i forgotten bout " eat only when you're hungry and stop before you're full". hahahhh. and. my sis is watching Last One Standing. and. OHHHH MY. Kevin Cheng is SO FREAKINGGGGG HAWTTTTT like HELLLLLL. AND HE'S SO YENGGGGGGG LAAAAA. how can anyone be THAAAAAAATTT YENGGGGG? this is sucha fangirl moment. lols.

umm. then mum asked us to accompany her to cut hair. and i went because she promised to buy us shoeS. hahaha. im so evil. anyway, her hair was nice. =) Jack Salon. apparently Sultan uses the same hair stylist. hah.
then bought 2 heel-shoes. =) love them. ANDDDD. SHOW LO GOT NEW ALBUM. AND HE CAN SING SOOOOOOO WELL. DANCE AS WELLLLLLLL. SO YENGGGGGGGGGG. 2nd fangirl moment in a post. dang. lol.

nah. a piece of them.
Last One Standing. Right: Kevin Cheng.
Kevin Cheng.
Show Lo.

they both say goodnight. =D nights.

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