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ZAI ZAI. lol. somehow his acting isn't too natural, but he's very cute laa. i also dunny why.
and Chen Yan Xi's the lead actress. tsktsk. she has all the hot hot scenes with Zai Zai. unfair. ugh.
according to the news report, it is a sunny day today. but when i watched you leave, only leaving your back to me, in my eyes, it rained.
aww. anyway, i had to wake up at 10 today for my piano lesson. ughh. i was like so sleepy the whole time. again. sighss.
then watched Wish To See You Again the whole afternoon. wanted to sleep at first. but just had to sacrifice for the show. LOL. actually not enough time to sleep also la. better don sleep. x]
andand. had sejarah tuition. tsk. it was very interesting. and funny. well. it always had been funny. godgodandgod. god. he's so holy. LOL. and i can actually answer all the form 3 questions on the board. like, seriously. haha. i shud seriously discard the informations since my brain is beeping: memory full memory full! LOLS. and i was having headache coz i think information overloaded. aihh.
A Secret That Can't Be Told. Im not about to repeat that again. I've been thinking quite selfishly. but. if that happens, i'll be as down and as sad as you. but. you wouldnt know.
because you don't care.
and i realise my posts are getting shorter. whee. its a good thing. =]
and im gonna watch Pi Li MIT episode 3 NOW! hee. (:

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