Wednesday, November 26, 2008 // 0 comment(s)

Jealousy is deadly. It kills.

im seriously all exhausted. didnt stop to rest at all today until now.

had maths tuition at 9.30. i managed to do 2 questions in the car. then straight after fetching my bro, we went to the Kizuna Japanese Restaurant and had our lunch. a pharmacist spent us. =] i had the rawest lunch ever. LOL. it was kinda nice though. i like my mum's udon noodles. oishii. x]

straight after lunch went for guitar class. he's so gayish. XXY. hahahaha.

straight after guitar went for Biology tuition. and some guy there loves reproduction so much.hahahhaa. and it was all about XXY, XYY and YY. LOLOLS. and a guy there gangster-ish, samseng-ish. XXY too. so sad. more feminine than us. (:

came home finally and watched Wish To See You Again. so nice. hahhaha. Zai Zai is so KAWAII!! x] gosh. adorable wei. he never smiles randomly and doesnt take picture. because of her, he agreed to take picture for his interview but he refused to smile. but when he see her, she smiled till so happy. SO CUTE LAAA. goodness! *melts*

and he gets jealous so easily. not in a bad way. damn cute cute CUTE! AHHHH! (: and they're officially a couple. KISSKISSKISS. x]

its hurting me. but i dunno how to make it stop.

david archuleta's angels is so freaking nice. Here.

its very tiring to be in this state. i just wanna have a rest.

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