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i just finished watching Pi Li MIT episode 4. AARON YAN IS SO HOT LAA. darn cool but cold. anyways, 747 likes the girl. LOL. but the girl likes 007 (aaron). sighs. but he'll like her soon! wheee~ very exciting. they're all damn smart.

LOL. since its still afternoon, i don really have anything to blog about. just feel like blogging. nevermind. doesnt make sense. =]

i've been watching Vampire Knight. its awesome. x] ZERO is damn hot. i still like him more than Kaname. =] i cant bear to think that Zero is gonna be a Level E vampire. depressing. YUKI!! =] darn cute.

i'll blog again later at night.

and i have lots to practise for my piano. tsktsk.

im gonna watch Pi Li MIT's episode 4 now. toodles.

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