Friday, November 28, 2008 // 0 comment(s)

i finally finished Wish To See You Again. they broke up once. then went back together after he found his mum. and he PROPOSED! x] they're so cute together. HAHAH.

now im gonna start watching Vampire Knight. =]

and i finished mabel's Tan Lines. wheee~ last night. despite my so many tuitions. goshh. i only can read during midnight. tsktsk.

andand. my piano teacher is gonna help me buy Miss No Good. heehee. and. i think she's gonna help me buy Jun Ki's new show. its called Iljimae i think. lol. JUNKI IS SO HOT!
and my sis's gonna get a new phone. unfair. lol. i shall flush mine down the toilet too. HAHAHHA.
i did my sis's layout last night. (:
seek and hide.
first love, second goodbye.

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