The stress.
Saturday, January 23, 2010 // 0 comment(s)

Omo. Omma and appa cincha *thumbs up*. :D I am going for SuJu's concert! Cincha happy!

I can hardly fit a nap into my omygoodness schedule. So flipping busy. I wanna stop tuitions but like, I suka tuitionsku. Don't like bio but cannot stop cos my bio teruk like hell. I don't know what to do lah. Flipping farn.

More farn when Man Utd is 3rd now. Wtf. Gonna watch the match later. Long time cannot watch tv so didnt get to support. Now I should. Bleh.

And I'm marching for N'GALE! We will so win this year. Omo since when I so confident? HAH.

We make ourselves stand. Not punished by teachers. I like I like!!

Oh and right I realise I can't run. Can lah. But not fast. So I've been telling everyone 5s1 is not joining the interclass running. HAHAA.

Omg I dunno how to blog also so long never online ady.

And right I finished all the homework given! I is so good!!!

Okay lah. Hungry now. Lol. Bye!

Gagaaaa. :D


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