The piles of stuff to do.
Sunday, January 10, 2010 // 0 comment(s)

1. English homework.
2. Moral charity work.
3. BM pemahaman komsas.(im gonna do now)
4. Watch tv.
5. Watch Birmingham-Man Utd match.(maybe not cos Im super sleepy nao)
6. Finish reading Twenties Girl.
7. Do the name list.(later lah. meeting also havent start.)

Okay. Maybe it doesn't sound like alot of work. But ohmaigod. It IS alot of work lor. Gotta start moral folio already. Also dunno what to do lah. So scared. Needa hand up on Tuesday!!! SOS.

Anyways. I should calm down and start doing tomorrow. Must be efficient. Sigh. Lemme consult mummy tomorrow what I should do. Lol.

OH and tomorrow Izzie gonna go for grooming! Finally. :D

I is sleepy shit liao lah. Just finished emailing Pindy.

Night night.



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