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Im supposed to post this on the 27th. Heh.


I don care you like the movie or not. ITS JAY CHOU, MY FRIEND. JAY CHOU!! Omg. Watch okay!!


1. GOT JAY CHOU! This reason is enough to make me watch this movie. :D

2. GOT BARON CHEN. Another reason.

3. The locations. The places they did the shooting. Idk lah whether is it a real place or not. But at least it looks awesome in the movie. Desert, that old huge house, the city and the Lost City. WHOA. AWESOME BABY AWESOME.

4. Humor. Yeah important. No humor, people will fall asleep if they don like Jay Chou and they don like these fighting adventurous movies. So. Humor. Is. important. Especially got Eric Tsang in it. Sure laugh one. He goes like, YOU NO GOOD YOU NO GOOD. Haha. Hilarious. Even Jay Chou can make jokes wtf. WATCH!!

5. Music. The ending song is nice! You know why? LIN CHI LING SANG IT BUT JAY CHOU WROTE THE TUNE. SO. DUH. ITS SUPERB! :D

6. I like the storyline. Its like, Lin Chi Ling writes books. In the city. But in the desert at that period of time also got like, olden people trying to hunt for treasures. HOW AWESOME IS THAT? What an adventure.

7. Its scary!! Got cannibals. Two of the guys became cannibals after eating smtg. Super scary. One of them just appeared next to Lin Chi Ling. SO SCARY WTF!!

8. Enough reasons lah okay. Should watch la zhong ji.


1. The cannibals thing kinda stupid. You eat that plant then you become cannibal. Shouldn't you be a vegetarian or smtg? Doesnt make sense right? And wtf. Why that guy with black specs will eat his friends? Isn't that kinda gross? I know la, you will die if you don eat and drink. BUT. Eat your friends? No thanks. I'd rather die. MAYBE, seriously when you are dying, you will do that too. But for now, I think I wont. Its GROSS!

2. Jay Chou. Im mad at Jay Chou cos he never come and see me. Instead he saw Kayee and MayJet and sat on same plane with MayJet. HMPH.


4. No more. No reason why anyone should hate it. :D


This is ♥.


We sure did ate alot.

Morning: Woke up at 12. Ate wan tan mee. Supposed to be breakfast btw. Lol.

Afternoon: Ate garlic toast in Kopitiam. Yep. KOPITIAM AGAIN. And gawsh, that fella sure is bodoh.

Night: Dinner at home. 2 burgers at night. FML.


Watched One Million Star. Altho winner is announced last week, this week is the HARI ANUGERAH of some sort. Guess what Yang Jun Wen got? The Best Lyrics "Forgetter". HAHA. Sad lah him. And btw, they said he looks like HyunJoong!!! Don have pic of him so cant really compare here. Heh.

Arsenal - Aston Villa 3-0

Hull-Man Utd Im still watching it. Lol. Boring.



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