I have nothing left to lose after losing you.
Saturday, October 10, 2009 // 0 comment(s)

THIS TV IS FLIPPIN TINY. Its in my cousin's room.

MEMEMEMEME. Lookie at WeiChing. What la. No expression.

Lol. Hilarious shit.

We played with matches when we ran out of candles. Lol.


Jonghyun! dsjizrcfbawiehai.


So. I went Kedah early this morning at around 7.30am. I brought my huge Teddy. Haha. And my History textbook. WTF. I put on my headphones and slept my way through. So much for those stuff Anthony told us to look at the views when you go travelling. Lol. Reached my uncle's house. Prayed and stuff. Ate. Then waited for idk what. Went to my another uncle's shop. Went to Aunty's house and slept in my cousin's room. For like 50 minutes. Then came back to Ipoh. Ipoh looks more civilized. Hees.

3 on my side now. Woots.

I ♥ everyone! Co-pilot or not. HAHA.


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