Heart is only an organ.
Monday, August 24, 2009 // 0 comment(s)

It doesn't matter even if it breaks.

At least, I have him. =)

U loves V. V does not love U. When U is at infinity, V is backs away to 2f. When U is at 2f, V runs away to its house which is f. When U arrives at V's house which is f, V runs away to infinity and hides. When U goes in V's house which is less than f, V goes back to its house(f) and hides behind the mirror.

Anyways, that was Physics. LOL.

I went to school this morning for Add Maths class by Mr Cheang. Just some revision. And no. My Add Maths marks CANNOT possibly go any lower. TSK. I still don geddit why Ceazaan Genius wanna go. Lol. And why Mei Tyng's asking Mr Cheang Physics when he's teaching Add Maths. My classmates are weird. Lol. It was actually quite fun. Im going again tomorrow. =)

"Tomorrow class is from 8 to 10.30."
"I have exam."
"What exam?"

Then then, I went for Physics. It was hilarious shit. And most of the time, our tuition mates don have the same humour like we do. Lol. PeiQi Nanba is a born Joker. HAHA.

I went for Chinese at night. And YAY. The Noisy Gang wasn't there. AGAIN. Wheee. Currypuff-look-alike is so blur. Haha. And this is the place where lovebirds meet. Woots.

Guy stares at Girl. Girl pretends she doesn't know.


I still have my pile of HOLIDAY HOMEWORK.

Ps: I still think HOLIDAY and HOMEWORK don go. HAHA.

Im out.

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