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Saturday, May 30, 2009 // 0 comment(s)

im so happy i slept so early last night. early as in 10.30. *jumps around*

i had tuition in the afternoon. went straight to JJ with Sandra. went and bought present for Mabel, the short. i shall not reveal the surprise present yet. maybe later. hahahahah. anyways, bought stuff. and food. and ate at Black Canyon. hmmm. i missed the chicken ham sauce spaghetti. =)

"umm. we'll be going out to buy something."
"what? you told him we'll go and buy sweets?"
"NO LA."
"lol. i thought you'd tell him we'll be going to buy sweets. but stop by some shops on the way. and look at bags and clothes. but we aint rich. so cant buy. sad. so we proceed to the supermarket. *lol*"
"hahahha. imagine his face. he'll look so bored. pity him."

HAHAHAHAH. anyways. i realised im so SO freakin damn observant! Sandra is blind. -.-"


going Mabel's party tonight at dunno what time. lol. see yaaahh!

PS: stupid barca stupid barca stupid barca stupid barca. yes im still not over it! hmph.

cant say i love you now.

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