that felt so wrong.
Saturday, April 4, 2009 // 0 comment(s)

forget bout that title. haha.

stupid freakin Rangers meeting early in the morning. and we went there for practically nothing. damn. did gadgets. and what the hell is that supposed to be? btw, we were late for bout 10 mins. so that girl asked us latecomers to run 2 laps. which is umm, funny. lol. cant believe i actually laughed WITH Sunitha[however you spell her name]. lol.

"i went and find teacher also she said im late."

hahahaha. it was sooo freakin funny. it doesnt even feel like a punishment. =) THEY did those gadgets since i have no freakin idea how to do at all. hah. sorry.

then went under the RED HOT SUN to play games. =.= i refused to go out into the sun. they pulled me anyway. the game is so lame. if you're out of the circle, you're out of the game. after 5 mins, i cant stand the sun. i stepped out of the circle until that girl finally realised i lost, i can finally walked to the comfy shade. =) awesome shit. after dimissal, went and bought pearl tea and went home.

piano after that. haha. Yiruma rocks. she's gonna let me learn his super hard songs with my exam pieces.

then tuition. forgot my earphones. again. anyways, if that Punjabi guy is not gonna disappear anytime soon, he's gonna irritate the crap outta me. i saw him checking Jaspreet out. lol. and we had fun comparing KIM BUM and a JELLY. a male one. SWT LAH CHAN PEI QI. itu sangat obvious loh. NO JELLIES CAN BE COMPARED WITH KIM BUM. lol. the whole conversation was on Kai's essay paper. SO SORRY., KAI. lols. laughed my whole way.

i gotta go. needa watch movies. wont you feel happy after seeing this every morning? =)

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