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Sunday, April 12, 2009 // 0 comment(s)

120th post. =)

my lazy-to-blog disease came home to me. and i sangat malas nak blog lah yorr. tapi nanti blogku tu terlalu rinduku, lol. im delusional. anyways..

i finally got my BM oral over with. but there's still English oral. dammit. sigh. what the crap. i was talking bout Annyss Sophillea and i got confused with ALL the weird names there. lol. for example, i keep thinking Strenn is Eyrique. i know, screw me.

"why don you talk to her?"
"i don like to befriend people."
"its true. i don talk to people unless they talk to me."
"what? its not my fault."

andand. Physics was mygod. Mabel thought my watch wasnt working. me thought so too. lol. its just so unfair lor. when im in the add-maths mood, BI teacher comes in. and i have to stop doing add maths. blahhh.

on Wednesday, went for Mano. he said we would leave his class very pissed. so, when he started marking my paper, i was chanting"kimbumkimbumkimbum. breathe. kimbumkimbumkimbum". KIM BUM actually restrained me from being pissed off. i didnt want to be pissed and give Mano the satisfaction. so i kept on chanting that. and Mano thought i was saying "kick mum". x___x

i might be changing layout later. NOW, gotta give my time to BOF, KimBum and HyunJoong specifically. haha. <3

i have tuition later. dammit. bye.

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