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i need to say this. Hyun Jung was like this in the 3rd part of the vid. omg. he's soooo funny-ly hawt. =)

1. i'll hold the tail of your dress. *then the underdress is revealed* wouldnt it be great if you cut this part off, you have to like, hold it when you walk.
2. lets take this photoshoot seriously. we're spending too much for this.
3. its our charm for not having any presents for our 100th day.
4. director: laugh loudly. as in like, ha ha ha. Hyun Jung: *smiles and make the ha ha ha sound* [omfg]
5. director: make eye contact. Hyun Jung: (to avoid awkwardness) *he counts till 3 and turns his head*
6. cant we shut our eyes? must we open them? [LOL. HE IS SO HILARIOUSLY CUTE.]
7. they said we'll start with the easy ones. but we started with kissing. if this goes on, its gonna get out of hand.


this is so unbelievable.
KHER SHIN LIKES HYUN JUNG. bullshit. no way. seeing as HE'S MINE.


a girl can ALWAYS dream. =.=

and did anyone watch those vids? SO CUTE LAHH. go Kher Shin's Bloggie she said whatever i wanted to say. but i have MORE to say.

they were in this talk show, We Got Married. and its the 100th day they were being paired up. and so, they have a mission. its to have a wedding photoshoot. ohmy. just shoot me. im gonna faint soon. lol.

Hyun Jung
1. Can i rent my tux?
2. It matches my jeans! (he doesnt want to buy the tux pants. LOL.)
3. I'll need to pay by 136 monthly payment.
4. (she was wearing a strapless) Don you need a strap? it looks like its gonna fall off.
5. Can you breathe in that? Don they have a L size?
6. (and he's easily embarrassed and SHY. ohmy. so cutee.)
7. (he called that great actress with a 'nim' at the end to show GREAT RESPECT.)
8. oh. sit. sit. can we have a cup of water please?*nervously*
9. *gulp gulp* *drinks a whole load of water BECAUSE he has senior-phobia syndrome*
10. him: buin buin. her: why? him: nothing. i just feel like calling you. her: *laughs*

he was so worried bout the price and the great actress and bout Hwangbo wearing a too revealing gown. he actually eliminated those gowns which he thinks are too revealing. ohmyhyunjung. SO CUTE! and when that actress appeared, he was VERY obviously taken aback and SHOCKED spluttered across his face. HAHAAH.

EVERYBODY, you shud watch that video. and im currently watching Episode 12 of BOF. dammit.

anyways, i went JJ with PeiQi and sis to watch Dragonball Evolution. Justin Chatwin is uber hot. seriously. and Chow Yun Fatt was so funny lahh. they saved him after he kinda died. he just sneezed and scolded them. i was in this happy place but because your dead granpa aked me to teach you Kungfu, i have to come back. LOL. wth right? but i think the actions are kinda awesome dei. haha.

then we bought some stuff and ate. at Black Canyon. AGAIN. *pouts* i was so full already. i didnt eat much. a few strands of noodles that is.

anyway. im gonna go watch those vids again and watch my BOF. buhbyyee. and i REALLY REALLY DON WANT MY PAPERS BACK. =(

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