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sis was hogging the comp the whole day cos got some last minute folio stuff. so didnt get to go online. and didnt manage to finish Episode 12. tsk. then was supposed to watch Race To Witch Mountain again but no parking. ended up eating ice cream at San Marco. came home. slept my crap out. gonna go Koh Samui for dinner. and have to pack my bag tonight. not gonna come online anymore. sigh. gotta 'shou shi xing qing', school tomorrow. all the papers. all the people. all the crap. and worse of all, all the teachers. im gonna miss Kim Hyun Jung and Kim Bum on YouTube so much. this is the worst. now im only gonna see them on Mondays and Tuesdays. and during the weekends. that is so cruel. this whole paragraph has no expression. it would it be boring to speak in monotone. im inserting expressions now. only now.

all this while
where have you been?
for me.

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