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Saturday, February 28, 2009 // 0 comment(s)

this is bad. very bad.

SOMEBODY EVIL SAID I DIDNT UPDATE MY BLOG. i dunno why im actually listening to someone THAT MEAN. aishh. Jason Mraz's concert very chun is it? i think it is. *BIG SIGH*

umm. SHIT LA. i tend to forget everything that has happened for the past week. its like that EVERY week. dang.

fire drill. christmas song-challenging mathematics book and komsas book. cross country failure. N'gale losing. Nicole Sonia's sexy butt. long jump. Eunice's uber-evilness. N'gale still losing with very few marks. VERY few. practising to run for class. WITH uber slow speed which i felt like i was walking. like the slowest snail ever. went to tuition alone which i don feel lonely at all. in fact it was actually fun.

PeiQi, NOW i know you cant stand loneliness. but there's none.

its on everyone else's blog. so i lazy to repeat everything again lah. so yeah. lemme fret here.

2 more weeks to exam. and? I HAVENT EVEN STARTED YET. SANDRA THE HARDWORKING ACTUALLY STUDIED ALREADY. you know, those smartass people will say they havent started stdying yet when you ask them. BUT SERIOUSLY, I SWEAR, IM TOTALLY HONEST. omo. this is so scary. with all the sports nonsense and runnings. im feeling so dead. 2 days after my exam is my theory exam! thats so freakin scaring me. i havent memorized any terms. and my key for melody writing is ALWAYS WRONG. and you know, key wrong, the whole thing wrong and i get zero! *clap clap*

awesome shit. im losing everything.

so freakin stressed up. i HOPE, i'll get everything i want and all of this to come to an end. lol. sounds like, i wanna die. not that lah. aishh.

on Thursday, we supposingly had marching. but we were asked to find Nicole Sonia. and so. Eunice, Jing and me went round the whole freako school to find her. Eunice kept going"NICOLE SONIA, WHERE ARE YOU?" on top of her lungs. then i was"Nicole Sonia!"ing softly. lol. people was looking at us weirdly. we were screaming nonsense stuff everywhere we went. i think Eunice went crazy. lawls. then when we came back to the field, we continued doing that till we saw Nicole Sonia jogging with Andrea. frick. and she heard us. HAHAAH. stupid lah. we went and marah that chicken. she said SORRY LAH. AFTER YOU GUYS WENT OFF ONLY I SAW HER ON THE FIELD. aishhh. darn geram. lol.

then we were supposed to march. but we went and watch the long jump which was interesting. when Cavell won, we were happy coz at least, Victoria didnt win. When we won, we got even crazier. haha. here goes.
Kher Shin: dont jump so far ah.
THE ARROGANT HORSE-FACED BIATCH(TAHFB): no problem. i will jump very near.
Eunice: far nevermind. but must BATAL.
TAHFB: i wont batal wan lah.
Kher Shin: we'll see.

everyone was given 3 tries. TAHFB actually bataled ALL 3 TIMES. omo. Eunice is VERY good in cursing people. so very darn good. when she gonna jump the 3rd time, we were all cursing under our breath saying"batal batal batal". i said i'll not eat for recess for a week if she batal. chicken say she'll be vegetarian for one week. Eunice said she'll not eat in class for a day. WHAT LAH EUNICE! then Jing said she'll eat more. -.-" then the second she bataled, we were screaming and cheering like mad while TAHFB squatted and cried. hah. who cares? arrogant people shud get their punishment. =)) im mean, i know. we were so happy. hahaha.

oh. and my bro is awesome in running. he won almost everything. awesome shit! =) his sports day was today. i have rangers today. good thing Danielle asked me to jaga station with her. like this, i tak payah lah nak lari sini lari sana. HAHAHA. May Yian came to me," CELAKA WAI LYNN. CELAKA PUNYA ORANG." Chui said"JAHANAM PUNYA ORANG!" lol. it was a torture for them. sigh. pity pity.

its too long ady i think. and hopefully N'gale will get 2nd or 3rd. and 1st is even better. well. A GIRL CAN DREAM. right? =) hopefully those banner and sepanduk can be done before sports day. and Jing is in LTC. wtf.

i like his depressed look.and his soveryhappygolucky pretty face! =)

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