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that was a post done outta boredom and bad mood.

anyway, anyone watched The Day The Earth Stood Still yet? im gonna go watch a movie tomoro. but i have absolutely no idea whether is sci-fic-ish movie will be nice anot. or shud i just watch Bolt? andand. there'll be a christmas movie: Bedtime Story?? i well, dunno. lawl.

watched My Girl again. and i think Lee Dong Wook begins to realise he likes her. wheee. so cute laa. my sis and i can laugh like crap. he's so kawaiiiiiii! (:

then bugged my mum to change sandra and my dental appointment to today. 3pm. =]

at 3 sandra came and fetched me. and lol, the doctor was sitting at the counter. scared the crap outta me. HAHAHA.

we're putting on weirder and weirder colours for our braces. lol. it got too boring sticking to pink and blue. hah. so she put black and turquoise. i put umm. dark pink and silver.haha. which she conveniently changed to gray. tsk.

"so, sandra, what colour you wanna put this time"
*sandra used her finger to ask me to go over*
"sandra, why you always need wailynn to choose for you ah?"
"err. *smiles*"
"no la. *smiles*"
*i walk over*
"which one? turquoise?"
"hmm. silver?"
"with silver?"

lawl. the doctor. swt.

"so wailynn, what colour you want?"
"umm.. *looking at the chart*"
"oh. no need sandra to choose izzit?"
"no need. she more dicisive."
"urm. no laa."
"sandra, she wants to choose herself. pity you, she doesnt trust your taste." [wth!]
*motions sandra to come over*
"what you want?"
"dark pink. with something."
"hmmm. silver laa."
"dark pink and silver."
"oh. so dark pink and gray la?"
"gray laa. okay"
*she puts one pink one at one of the bottom teeth*
"don want to do like sandra ah? up one colour, bottom one colour."
"err. then up put dark pink laa."
"eh! i put at the bottom ady."
*takes out*

BATU API LA WEI. trying to make me look bad. dammit.

anyway, went outside to arrange our next appoinment.

* nurse opens the appointment book *
"so, 10.15 okay?"
*sandra points at the appointment at 10. written there: Dxxxxx Lxxxx*
"goshh. we'll obviously see her. damn."
"*laughs* thats why."
*the nurse looks at us suspiciously and smiles*
"why? wanna change to later?"
"er. no need la. its okay."
monolog dalaman: shit. we're definitely gonna see her.

then we went Kopitiam for tea. =) ate Laksa. yumyumyum. after eating went to my dad's clinic. my mum sent sandra home. and. we realised the people and i mean here, almost everyone is weird. and freaking random. like, the lady who sat next to me to take order. and the girl who laughed so loudly before taking our money. and the woman who actually wore a freaking raincoat when its drizzling. LAWL. weird isnt it?


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