Wednesday, December 10, 2008 // 0 comment(s)

Random but not so random shot.
i was waiting outside one of the Queensbay's toilets for my mum and sis. and i just took this shot of this guy who resembles Jay Chou. lol. seriously.

I'm afraid you'll see through my contradicting feelings. thats why im keeping a distance. but i don think you even noticed.
my mum woke me up at 9 this morning for my pedicure. lols. and my toe nails are light pink now. with flowers. haha. old old. tsk. she doesnt allow me to put the bright pink which i have. anyway, that lady helped me washed my leg in that thing. and asked whether i wanna paint my fingernails anot. i said nope, coz i still have one more guitar lesson. and so sad, when you play guitar, you cant paint your nails.
i watched My Girl. and goodness. everytime i see him, i'll just melt. hmm. (: he's totally awesome.
then went for guitar. i was kinda frustrated. lawl. im forever having these frustrated and pissed off moods. =)
came home and painted my fingernails. another even lighter shade of pink. HAHAAH. its my sis's. since i cant put the bright pink, i just put on this. ugh. doesnt matter.
HANAZAWA RUI LIKES MAKINO TSUKUSHI. haha. im so happy for Makino. Tsukasa is plain evil. i don know whats he's thinking. got problem laa him. sheeshh.
and Aaron Yan is so darn yeng in The Clue Collector. (:
thats right. turn around sometimes and look at me. i'll be here.
i shall learn to keep my posts short. =] Sandy Shortt who has black instead of sandy-coloured hair and who's tall. hah.

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