Wednesday, December 3, 2008 // 0 comment(s)

i realise im not saying bye to my blog after all. lawl.

im currently blogging from Penang using my dad's laptop.

went Queen's Bay Mall. ate at the Chicken Rice's shop. omg. it was so much. and our family are all small eaters. lol. we kinda swore we're never gonna eat chicken anymore. =p

then went to Body Glove. i bought a gray shirt. and black shorts. =] i like them. my sis bought 2-TWO!-shirts and a white pants which i can actually fit in but my mum promised to let me buy in Ipoh's Parade's Body Glove shop again. wheee~~

anyway, gotta go.

my bro's gonna have comp tomoro. GOOD LUCK. (:

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