Tuesday, December 23, 2008 // 0 comment(s)

didnt get to watch Yes Man. sighs.

and i went to tuition. alone. i think its the first time i went to any tuition alone. =) okay. i have no idea why im so happy. LAWL. anyway, there's like only 4 ppl. indian girl with horribly weird taste in clothes[a cloth with pins in the front to close it is called a skirt, or so she thinks]. another extra noisy indian girl. a chinese holy guy who knows everything bout Christianity. and IM THE NORMAL ONE. =] sandra and kai both didnt go. so im alone! (:

and my mum is forcing me to go for Tennis tomoro evening. tsk. i have no idea how to explain why i don feel like moving this whole hols. i don even have the mood to go for Pong training. when my mum asked why, i cant explain. =(

dinner time. bye.


oh. and WHEN THE HELL are the results gonna be out EXACTLY? its killing meeee.

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