only left the tear-stained letter.
Friday, November 21, 2008 // 0 comment(s)

clickie. :D
i finished my maths work alas. whee. still got add maths homework though. sighs. theory work. ohohoh. i finished my bm essays. heee.

im gonna put up some of the genting pictures. most of it are with kai. so i just grabbed a few from sim. i'll only put a few laa. i'll put up the rest later on.
JING. ME. SIM. KAI. in our teeny weeny TINIEST room ever. -.-"

SIM. ME. snow world. freezing. -4 degress.

SIM. ME. KAI. enjoying our java chip frappucino. our paradise. =) genting starbucks.

i'll post the rest of the pictures later. im getting lazy. =]

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