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ME. KAI. snow world. lol.
SANDRA. ME. KAI. on the boat thingo. slow. tsk.

ME. SANDRA. KAI. boat.
ME. THE CUTE CUTE FEMALE CLOWN. note: she's wearing my shades. lol.
KAI. ME. boat bumper.
ME. KAI. lol. i notice i took most of the pictures with her. -.-"
ME. THE THING. while waiting for jing and sim i think. they were on the corkscrew ride. x]
ME. KAI. swinging chair. screamed the crap outta me. LOL.
ME. CAUGHT. hahaha.
KAI. ME. =]
me. enjoying starbucks ku. hmmm. x]
ME. archery. YENG HUH? x]
OURS. miss it.


ME. KAI. in the cable car.
ME. KAI. SIM. JING. trying out the caps. its all very nice. in espirit.
SIM. JING. ME. cable car.
SIM. ME. =]]
i dunno what to do, coz i'm here without you.
my sis is only coming back tomoro. so im gonna go online as much as possible. because, she'll be hogging the comp 24/7. tsktsk.
and yea. i just got those pics from kai today. =]
today was our last BM tuition for this year. yay! and andajaya is gonna change its location. blah.
not sure whether going for training tomoro anot. i think my mum will allow laa. despite my stupid spine problem.
and sandra invited me and joevy to her house for sleepover. hmm. not decided yet though. ANDAND. I CAN SLEEP ON HER NEW BED. I MADE 1 QUARTER OF IT. heeheehee. x]
ugh. i cant solve the last add maths question. boohoo. damndamndamn. im so dumb laa. have to ask my mum for help then. tskkkkkkkk.
lost love.

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